Company Policy


NextPhase Development Ltd (NPD) is committed to managing the company in a responsible manner and in a way that meets or exceeds ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations that society has of business.


NPD tries to minimise environmental impact while making a positive social contribution to the communities with which it works. For NPD those communities include our clients, employees and all other affiliates.


NPD are regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and therefore apply their maxim of a ‘responsible business, responsible employer’ in practise and maintaining public trust is of the utmost importance.


Core Values
1. The Environment
2. Employee Development
3. Commitment to Society


The Environment


Environmental Policy

NextPhase Development Ltd is a provider of professional services and already has a low impact on the environment. Its principle areas of impact are in energy consumption, waste and transport. Measures are in place aimed at minimising these impacts. Through the provision of professional services NPD is able to assist its clients in minimising their environmental impact.


NextPhase Development Ltd policy is:

• To use the knowledge and training of its staff about the environment to assist its clients in minimising their impacts on the environment.
• To advise clients on design, working methods and after care that is consistent with the principles of sustainable development.
• To ensure the principles of sustainability are incorporated into the philosophies of projects and are promoted to the firm’s clients.
• To comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and to conduct the day to day operation of its own business in a way that will ensure efficient use of resources such as water and energy and to ensure waste generated is kept to a minimum and wherever possible to recycle.
• To raise awareness among its employees and encourage participation in environmental matters
• To continuously seek opportunities to improve environmental performance
• Wherever possible to ensure that suppliers to the company operate similar policies
• To use and promote the use of recyclables.


Employee Development

We have a top-down commitment to support our core values and lead any short and long-term changes to our business culture. We encourage consultation and participation from our employees and affiliates.


Continuous professional development for all of our employees is a very high priority and regular meetings are held to achieve this. Employees are treated as individuals with respect, honesty and fairness. Our employment policies are fair and provide equal opportunities for all.


We also reward employees who go beyond the call of duty and use their initiative to do something.


Commitment to Society

We have a commitment to giving something back to society by actively supporting local charities and encouraging employees to give back to their communities.


We strive to develop long term partnerships and relationships with our affiliates; sharing goals of economic growth, social progress and environmental conservation.


Our values provide the framework for how we do business. They guide us in everything we do from day to day activities to key decisions.